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Marbled Bookplate with Plume

Marbled Bookplate with Plume

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A bookplate with a classic 'marbled paper' look and design. Marbled paper in earlier years, and in handcrafted books, was used as end papers to cover the edges of the cover material as it folded over the book. 
In Europe, marbling paper was an art, and this artisan craft still thrives throughout the world, though may be less so for use as end papers.
This bookplate has a printed marbled design which perhaps cannot the match the textural quality of the real thing, nonetheless, it is more practical for use as a bookplate, and still very beautiful and classic.

If you enjoy perusing books on Southern California's modernist enclaves, reading up on architectural details, and know what the term 'clerestory' means, this might be the bookplate for you.

  • Personalized with your name
  • Set of 24
  • 2"x3"
  • Printed on acid-free, matte paper
  • Self-Adhesive (sticker) 
  • Classic design with elegant decoration.

To order:
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