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Antique Woodcut Botanical Bookplate

Antique Woodcut Botanical Bookplate

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If you're a classicist, or someone who appreciates the beauty of nature's design, this bookplate might be for you. 
There's something about this antique image that makes me think of nature - yes - but also of Medieval still rooms with their bundles of herbs drying from the rafters, and mis-matched jars filled with rare seeds and samplings. 

Are you someone who dabbles in herbalism or feels at peace in the forest, celebrating the earth by yourself or with others? Do you prefer the term Apothecary to Pharmacy? Okay...then perhaps this bookplate will make your short list.

  • Personalized with your name
  • Set of 24
  • 2"x3"
  • Printed on acid-free, matte paper
  • Self-Adhesive (sticker) 
  • Apothecary Herbalist Style

To order:
Please include the name you would like on the bookplate in the 'Notes' comment box whilst checking out.

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