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Antique Woodcut Lantern Bookplate

Antique Woodcut Lantern Bookplate

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A botanical lantern lily-esque wood cut bookplate brimming with magical enchantment. Imagine yourself as the little critter crawling up the stem towards the lovely and large (to the caterpillar) bloom of the plant. The wonderful scent drawing you upward. Do caterpillars have noses? I don't know, but I imagine the smell of this flower to be so compelling to overcome any such olfactory challenges.

What are a charming bookplate! If you're equally as pleasing, perhaps this is the one for you...

And btw, I just did a quick search to see if caterpillars actually did have noses, and the answer is 'no.' However, they do have antennae that act as sensory receptors and can combine something akin to taste and smell in one act, so there  you have it.

  • Personalized with your name
  • Set of 24
  • 2"x3"
  • Printed on acid-free, matte paper
  • Self-Adhesive (sticker) 
  • Botanical woodcut with charm

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